Medicann Elite is a Maryland based service.

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Can medical cannabis help you?

Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Medicann Elite is committed to helping qualified patients obtain a medical certification for medical cannabis products in a fashion completely consistent with the Maryland Laws governing access to medicinal cannabis.  We are here to help you decide if medical cannabis is right for you and if our affiliated registered medical specialist feel that it is reasonable to provide you with a medical cannabis recommendation. Medicann Elite wants appropriate patients to learn about and have access to medical cannabis while ensuring compliance with MMCC. Our highly qualified physicians can also guide you in the right direction to improve your physical and mental health. 

Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Program put processes in place to ensure proper security and protection of public safety, assure the highest quality medicinal cannabis is produced and distributed and lastly, to expedite patient access. No one can obtain cannabis from a licensed dispensary without a written certification from a Maryland physician who is registered with the Commission. 

Medical Cannabis may not be appropriate for patients with psychiatric disorders, heart, lung, advanced liver disease or who may be pregnant and / or are breastfeeding. 

My comments cannot be relied upon as a statement of the law. The law is spelled out in the statutes and regulations and those are the sources to consult. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has opened the patient registry. This marks a significant moment for Maryland's Medical Marijuana Program